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Tree Frog Treks Scholarships

Tree Frog Treks firmly believes that no one should be denied the opportunity to learn, no matter what the reason is. Sometimes, though, this is hard to do when there is a monetary requirement of some kind.

That is why we created our scholarship program by offering scholarships ranging from partial to full. To be considered, all you have to do is fill out our short two-part scholarship application. We read every single application we receive and personally respond to each. If we are able to grant your request, your child can come along with us at a reduced cost (or maybe even for free!), because learning is truly the most valuable contribution we could offer you!

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is as follows:

Winter Camp - November 15th
Spring Camp - March 1st
Summer Camp - May 15th

We will notify you of our decision two weeks prior to the trek or camp date. If you have questions about our scholarship program, please email us.

Scholarship Application Form | Download (PDF file)


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