Birthday Parties

Are you planning a Birthday Party for your son or daughter and can't decide what to do? 

Have no fear, because Tree Frog Treks Birthday Parties will help you pull off an unforgettable event for everyone! Each party will include a one hour presentation from two of our naturalists and a special gift for the birthday boy or girl. Our Birthday Parties can be held here at Frog Hall or at the location of your choice (some restrictions apply). Teacher appreciation tips are accepted.

Choose from one of our party themes: 

Rockin' Reptiles & Amphibians 

Your birthday party will have some unique guests attending! Meet our creeping, crawling, and slithering party-goers, like Trucker the Red-footed Tortoise, Rita the Leopard Gecko, Julie the Burmese Python and Stickum the Tree Frog. Learn where these animals can be found in the wild, from Madagascar to your own back yard, and what you can do to help save, preserve and maintain their natural homes. 

Rocket Into Space! 

Three! Two! One! Blastoff! Learn about outer space, astronauts and rockets. We will give everyone a chance to launch baking soda and vinegar rockets, and make slimes like oobleck and gak. For the finale, we'll gear up an egg astronaut before launching it on a recycled soda bottle spaceship - can you bring it safely back to Earth? 

Nature Hikes 

Armed with butterfly nets, binoculars and plant presses, our nature exploration walks take the show on the road and into the great outdoors! Our experienced and fun naturalists will help you find and eat miner's lettuce, search the skies for Red-Tailed Hawks, and hunt under rocks and logs for salamanders, roly-polies and other creepy-crawlies, all in your favorite park! 

Rent Frog Hall! 

Please Note: Frog Hall will be available for birthday parties through January 27th 2019, after which it will be closed shortly. Please check back for more details.

Our space at 2114 Hayes Street is available for your child and friends to celebrate and meet our animals! Located on Hayes and Cole in San Francisco, Frog Hall is a walk-in museum with living animals, 600 sq. ft of space and plenty of room for siblings, parents, popcorn, cake and ice cream in addition to our programming. Tables and chairs are available for your use as well as an ADA bathroom. If you decide to rent this space for your child's birthday party, you will have it for up to 3 hours!

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We all had a fabulous time (kids and adults) - dream come true!

Rocket Blast-off!

Our Birthday Parties are $495 and are for children turning 4 and up.

Call our office at (415) 876-3764 or email today to book your child's special birthday party!