Climate Pirates: Turning The Ship Around

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome aboard for a week of conservation and conscious living! Every ship takes a crew of dedicated people to help it safely sail through choppy waters and stormy seas, and the ship of planet Earth is no different. However, it seems that our Earth Ship has gone slightly off course. What’s more is that the supplies aboard the Earth Ship are being used and wasted carelessly, and the physical condition of the ship is suffering from lack of care. This is where the Climate Pirates are turning to you to help them out! The mission of the Climate Pirates is to hijack this ship from the litter bugs, the tree choppers, the oil drillers, and the smog producers. Climate Pirates aim to fix up the Earth Ship, and get it back on course so that we can sail on safely for hundreds of years to come. This week, we will discuss environmental problems such as climate change, habitat loss, and over-harvesting, and learn what we can do to help be part of the solution. Mapping our ecological footprints, planting native trees, and participating in a SF beach clean up are just a few of the ways that we will work together this week as a green dream team to help save, preserve, and maintain our planet for a positive future!