Community Events

Festivals, Fairs, Picnics & More!

Our energetic and knowledgeable naturalists will make science come alive at your next festival, picnic or fair.  Through our presentations, we encourage children and adults to see themselves as part of a larger system of natural life, in which every organism, from cricket to crocodile, plays an important part.  Our presentations can be tailored to fit your event and are a unique opportunity to see a host of exotic critters up close!

Our naturalists will introduce children and adults to a variety of our creeping, crawling and slithering co-workers, from tiny Leopard Geckos to 7-foot-long Centralian Pythons. We'll discuss how they've adapted to their natural habitats and examine what role they play in the ecosystem.

Our presentation can be tailored to meet your event's theme and audience. Other topics and curricula are available.  If you'd like us to be at your event, please email us at

Upcoming Events Featuring Tree Frog Treks!



McLaren Park Kids Festival

September 10 • 10:00 am -3:00 pm  • McLaren Park, Jerry Garcia Amphitheater Plaza • 75 John F. Shelley Drive (x/s: Cambridge St.), San Francisco

It's a day of fun and science and music and it is going to be a big one! TFT Animal Ambassadors and Naturalists will be there, come enjoy the scenic McLaren Park with many others!


 Discovery Day at AT&T

November 5th • 10:00 am -4:00 pm  • AT&T Park, San Francisco

Science at the Ballpark? You bet! TFT Animal Ambassadors and Naturalists will be there! come meet them and see the other wonderful scientific programs and presentations!