Company Adventure Treks

...because fresh air leads to fresh ideas!

Have you been thinking about how to improve the happiness, productivity and performance of your employees?

We have your solution: get your team off their computers, off their phones, and into fresh air for some fresh ideas!

Choose your own adventure from the options below, or contact us to set up a personalized event.

Nature Hikes

10 - 25 people • 2 - 3 hours

Our nature hikes are more than just a walk outside.  When you’re with our naturalists, what you knew as just a pretty forest will become a native oak woodland, where Acorn Woodpeckers squawk over their granaries and California Towhees scratch for insects among the fallen leaves.  A picturesque coastline comes alive with sea stars, porcelain crabs, and vibrant nudibranchs.  It’s an incredible shared experience, and you’ll end the day with a stronger connection to your home and your colleagues.

During the hike we'll keep our eyes peeled for wildlife while we learn about the botany, watersheds, and other natural and social history of the area. Employees will learn healthy habits, hone their powers of observation, and have a fun time doing it!


Animal Ambassadors

10 - 30 people • 1 - 2 hours

Challenge employees to do something completely new - come face to face with our amazing Tree Frog Treks family!

When was the last time you held a bearded dragon? Or got a massage from a 16 foot-long python? With nearly 100 rescued animals at our vivarium, the Tree Frog Treks family includes iguanas, tortoises, leopard geckos, tarantulas, and other fantastic creatures.  We’ll bring some of them to your headquarters or event location where employees will be able to handle our animal ambassadors and learn about the natural history of reptiles and amphibians.

Many adults have phobias of snakes and spiders, but Tree Frog Treks naturalists are skilled in gently encouraging people to confront their fears and touch (or even hold!)  these incredible animals.

The experience is sure to be unforgettable, and something your employees will talk about for weeks afterward!

Digital Nature

10 - 25 people • 2 - 3 hours

Use your camera or smartphone as a window into the natural world!  

You don’t need a fancy camera or lots of specialized equipment to take amazing nature photographs; in fact, the most essential tools are thoughtfulness and attention. Our experienced nature photographers will help you slow down, focus on details, and consider different perspectives. As you stop to think about composition, you’ll notice more about a subject than you would at a quick glance.

By learning to use every curve in the landscape and ray of natural light to your advantage, you’ll come away with an understanding of how to create powerful images that reflect the unique aspects of your subject.   

Nature at Noon

10 - 20 people • 1 - 2 hours

Sharpen focus and foster creativity with a nature break during the work day!

Spending just an hour interacting with nature can improve memory and attention span by 20%, encourage creativity, and decrease stress and frustration.

We'll go on a walk to a nearby green space, eat lunch outside, and learn about the insects, birds, trees, plants, and other non-human life that shares space with us in the concrete jungle. They all have special adaptations like fantastic camouflage, abundant offspring, or resistance to drought that allow them to thrive alongside the skyscrapers and traffic. Learning about the fascinating world of urban ecology is also a lesson in resilience and change; this ecosystem at our fingertips is one that will enchant and inspire. Everyone will go back to work feeling energized, motivated, and ready to kick butt!

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