Envision It, Build It: Bio-mimicry and Animal Architects

Did you know that new high-speed bullet trains in Japan are designed to be shaped like the Kingfisher, a bird that dives swiftly and silently into the water to catch fish? Or that contact lenses were modeled after the clear lens covering snakes’ eyes? Or that Velcro was inspired by the way that burrs cling to the fur of animals? When creating and designing new technologies, engineers often look to nature for inspiration! Plants and animals have some amazing adaptations over thousands of years that can be copied and implemented into many aspects of human architecture and engineering. 

This week, join our TFT think-tank and discover ways that we can use nature as a guide in our creative process. We will communicate and collaborate as a team to think of what animal characteristics we can mimic to help us build our best boats, bridges, soap box derby cars, and more! If you can envision it, you can build it!