Holly PArk SPanish immersion camp!

Tree Frog Treks is revamping our Spanish Immersion camp and moving it to Holly Park!  Mariposa Maya is back after directing at Precita Park last summer, and will be spreading her wings as director of our new Spanish language program. We are excited to increase our Spanish content to provide a truly bi-lingual experience, and looking forward to exploring another beautiful park in San Francisco! 

Please note: Instruction at camp will be given predominately in Spanish. Please only sign up for the Spanish program if your child has an intermediate level of understanding. 

Have a question? Please see our Spanish Language Program FAQ for more info or give us a call at 415-876-3764


Full-Day Camp: Rising 1st - 5th Graders • 9:00 am - 4:30 pm •

Dates and Themes for Summer 2018

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Week 2- 6/11/18: Once Upon a Time Capsule: From Star Dust to San Francisco Sand Dunes

Week 3- 6/18/18:  Earth Dragons, Unite! Protecting our Place in Space

Week 4- 6/25/18: In Dirt We Trust: Wilderness Wisdom and Survival Smarts

***Week of July 4th NO CAMP***

Week 5: 7/9/18: Wizard of Frogs: Bubbling beakers and Creative Chemistry

Week 6: 7/16/18: Envision It, Build It: Bio-mimicry and Animal Architects


Welcome to Tree Frog Treks Summer Camp!

We’re excited you could join us for an amazing summer full of science experiments, art projects, animal encounters, language acquisition and adventure outdoors at our Holly Park Spanish Immersion Camp! 

Read below for our official welcome letter filled with essential camp info if you've already signed up or want to know more about camp at Holly Park! 


This letter serves as your official 2018 Summer Camp Welcome & Reminder– please read carefully and save it for future reference as it provides information about camp policies, instructions, and directions.  If you have signed up for multiple weeks of camp, you will receive an email for each week you have registered for.

Camp Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Please be on time for Drop-off and Pick-up.  If you are more than 15 minutes late for Pick-up, you will be charged a Late Fee of $1 per minute (i.e. Pick up at 4:50 PM = 20 minutes late = $20 Late Fee).  We are not offering AM or PM care at our Holly Park location.



Drop-off and Pick-up will be at Holly Park Circle and Appleton Ave. See the orange star on the map below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.43.05 PM.png

It is absolutely necessary to sign-in and sign-out your child with his/her instructor, every day.  You must initial the check-in list upon drop-off and pick-up. If someone other than the parent/guardian, emergency contacts or additional authorized pick ups you provided upon registration will be picking up your child, please contact us so we can update our roster.  We will not release campers to unauthorized people. You and those on your authorized pick-up list may be asked to show identification prior to releasing campers to you – please be prepared to do so if requested.



Tree Frog Treks will provide healthy snacks, but here is a “must haves” packing list:

·          Layers of clothing that can get dirty (San Francisco weather is unpredictable, so long pants, and a jacket are recommended.)

·          Comfortable, sturdy, walking shoes that can get dirty! An extra pair of socks is optional. (No open-toe shoes, sandals or Crocs!)

·          Sunblock and a hat. Please apply sunblock to your child each morning.

·          If your child is prone to bathroom accidents, an extra pair of underwear in a ziptop bag is recommended.

·          A small backpack that can be easily carried all day.

·          A hearty litter-less lunch (explained below*).  Campers will be working hard, hiking, and having fun, so a hearty lunch is a must!

·          A refillable water bottle filled with water.

·          Any prescription medication - Please be sure to alert camp staff to any medications your child will be taking (including Epi-pens and relief inhalers)!

·          We encourage children with dietary restrictions or allergies to bring their own snacks.


*We encourage parents to pack a litter-less lunch for campers!  For example, place sandwiches in re-usable containers and drinks in reusable bottles.  Use a lunch box or fabric bag, and include a cloth napkin.  If we all pitch in, imagine what a difference we can make in efforts to save, preserve and maintain our home! Lunches will be carried all day as we are a mobile camp, so please consider packing lunches in your child's backpack as opposed to using a hand-held lunchbox. 


We STRONGLY encourage you to label all of your child(ren)’s belongings.



Our hope is that camp will be a place for campers to make friends while engaging in animal handling, science and art projects, and outdoor exploration.  Please read and discuss these expectations with your child:

1.        Each camper must treat every person and living thing at camp with respect and consideration.  Camp will not tolerate intimidation, verbal or physical abuse, or destruction of property.

2.        We expect all campers to be respectful and responsible at all times, to include off-site trips, outings and all events.

3.        Physical and/or verbally abusive behavior is not appropriate or acceptable.

4.        Foul language is not acceptable.

5.        Weapons of any kind are not allowed.


If at any time during Camp these expectations are broken or a camper’s behavior takes away from a positive camping experience of others, the Camp Director reserves the right to notify the parent(s) or guardian(s) who will be required to pick-up their child at Tree Frog Treks Base Camp or main office at 2112 Hayes St., San Francisco, CA or other designated location at their own expense.  The Camp Directors will decide if and when the camper may return to camp in the future.



Moment is a free app for iPhone and Android that allows our teachers to share photos and fun tidbits about the camp day with parents in a closed group that is exclusively for Tree Frog Treks families! This is a great way to see some snapshots of all of the cool things that your kids are doing at camp, and it provides you with talking points to engage with your kids about what they have learned. Moment also serves as a platform for easy communication between parents and teachers, and enables parent-to-parent networking should you wish to arrange carpool or connect with other camp families. You will be receiving an email from Moment inviting you to download the app and join. Using the app is optional, but we encourage everyone to give it a try!



If you need to get in touch with your child in the event of an emergency during camp hours, please call the Camp Director at the number listed below.  If you need to pick up your child early from camp, please let camp staff know when you drop off your camper in the morning so that you can arrange a meeting time and location.


If you have any questions regarding camp logistics, please contact our office at 415-876-3764 or reply to this email.  Thank you once again for joining us this summer.  We look forward to an exciting week of camp!



“Mariposa” Maya Martinez

Holly Park Camp Director



  Chris Giorni

  Executive Director


Erin Dal Ferro

Programs Manager




                                                                                      REGISTER TODAY!

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