Spanish Language Program FAQ

Welcome to our Spanish Language Program, we are excited to continue the wonderful work the campers' teachers and parents do for them all year by providing this option.  Campers in the Spanish Language Program group will have 2 counselors like our other groups and will be provided the same hands-on, fun loving science experience that campers have every summer with Tree Frog Treks.  The only difference in the Spanish Language Program is that campers will have the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of the Bay Area with a native Spanish-speaking counselor.  Each camper will be able to ask questions and hold conversations in Spanish to help bolster, broaden, or simply learn the Spanish language.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help guide learn more about our Spanish Language Program.

Is it a full-day in Spanish or dedicated time?

The counselor will greet and interact with the campers in Spanish as well as providing dedicated time to learn science in Spanish over the course of the camp day.

My son does not know Spanish but wants to sign up with his friends for the Spanish Immersion camp- will he be comfortable?

A student is free to join a Spanish language group if they would like.  Both counselors in the Spanish Language Program speak English fluently and any information that is given in Spanish can easily be given in English to allow any and all information to be received. However, we strongly encourage that those who sign-up for the Spanish Language Program have a basic understanding of Spanish.

Are your instructors native Spanish-speakers?

At least 1 of the 2 counselors at Holly Park will be a native Spanish-speaker. The other counselor will be fluent in both Spanish and English.

Do you discourage speaking in English or will you be using English as a “default” if my child refuses to speak in Spanish?

If the camper refuses to speak Spanish we will absolutely speak to the camper in English, however all campers will be encouraged to speak Spanish to foster a comfortable and safe language environment.  We do not discourage any campers from speaking the language that they are most comfortable with.  But we will encourage campers who are in the Spanish Language Program to speak with our Spanish-speaking counselors to help broaden their experience here at camp.

Will the children be encouraged to speak to one another in Spanish?

Yes, if the student is participating in the Spanish Language Program, they will most certainly be encouraged to speak to other campers in Spanish.

If my child does not like the Spanish group, can we switch to an English speaking group?  Will there be a charge for that?

If a camper is not enjoying their time in the Spanish language group then we will accommodate as necessary.  Parents should be aware that the other groups may be full and switching may not be an option.  Additionally, switching into an English group would also require switching locations since the only group at Holly Park is the Spanish Language Program. No charges applicable.

We do not allow “Spanglish” at home, will your counselors be mixing languages during the camp day?

Our counselors do not speak “Spanglish”. Circumstances that dictate the use of English in place of a Spanish term will be at the discretion of the counselor, as some words do not translate accurately or easily between languages.

How much of a Spanish foundation should my child have to attend?  He’s only had Spanish as an elective in school and we don’t speak it at home.

All of our campers participating in the Spanish Language Program will be at varying levels of Spanish language knowledge.  With that in mind our counselors will tailor their level of Spanish to the level the camper is at.  Spanish as an elective at school is enough of a base to engage and have fun at camp! All of the Spanish-speaking counselors are multilingual and speak English as fluently as they do Spanish and will be able to communicate with campers.