Kit kat kangaroo rat

Kit Kat Kangaroo Rat Kitty Krazy Hare has been proudly rocking the kelly green Tree Frog Trek jacket for nearly 7 years now, starting out as an assistant teacher back in 2011, becoming a camp director in 2014, and attaining her current position of Education Director in 2016.

Easily recognizable by her silly dance moves and her “crazy hair”, as the kids call it, Kit Kat can be found in Golden Gate Park this summer, doing what she loves most: directing half-day camp! This will be Kit’s 4th year directing the half-day camp, and there is sure to be a ton of awesome activities on the line-up for our 4-and-5-year old campers this year!

In her free time, Kit has her own soap bubble business, Bubbleution, which keeps her busy making giant bubbles for folks all around the Bay. Kit also thoroughly enjoys playing board games, hula hooping, and writing about herself in the 3rd person.