Sharkfin Shay

Sharkfin Shay has been frog mobbin’ with Tree Frog Treks for three years now as an after school teacher and summer camp naturalist. This year, she is looking forward to taking on the role of McLaren Park camp director. Sharkfin’s infinite curiosity and passion for outdoors make her a natural for this position, and she can’t wait to share her knowledge with the campers at McLaren!  

When not in the classroom or hanging out with the animals at Frog Hall, you can find Sharkfin Shay in gardens all over the East Bay, maintaining pollinator habitats as a landscape gardener. If you are on the trail with Sharkfin and you spot a butterfly, be sure to point it out! Butterflies are her favorite – at home, she raises monarch caterpillars to help the local butterfly population.  

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