Presidents' Day Camp

My daughter said ‘There’s only one thing I don’t like about Tree Frog Treks - NOTHING!’

Making friends with Tiki the Bearded Dragon!

Join Tree Frog Treks and our experienced Wild Science team for three days of winter exploration and learning through active observation as we journey from two great locations: Precita Park or our home base at Frog Hall to to discover the wild side of San Francisco! Campers will travel to local parks such as Land's End and Glen Canyon to discover the amazing plants and animals who inhabit our beautiful city, from soaring Red-tailed Hawks to slimy Slender Salamanders. In addition to outdoor adventures, campers will perform hands-on science experiments, play games, and make nature-inspired art. They'll even get to have face-to-face encounters with our creepy crawly Animal Ambassadors like Thorny the Bearded Dragon or Blondie the Burmese Python!

It's the perfect time to get out and get dirty, so put on your explorer hat, grab your binoculars and bug nets, and let's hit the trail for some science fun!!!

Presidents' Week Camp