About Us

Started by Chris “Mr. Science” Giorni out of the back of his pick-up truck in 1999, Tree Frog Treks has grown to be one of the leading science and outdoor education companies in the Bay Area, known not only for our awesome Animal Ambassadors, but our fun, hands-on approach to teaching, which we call Wild Science!

Wild Science is about holding live rescued reptiles and amphibians like Digger the Kenyan Sand Boa and Clark the Western Toad, examining amazing specimens like a musk ox skull or mixing up your own vat of slime. It’s about Getting Out and Getting Dirty in nature, climbing a tree, smelling a flower, or flipping over a log to see what’s living underneath it.  

We explore science and practice critical thinking through hands-on experiments and outdoor adventures, and inspire a love of nature and learning through contact with live rescued reptiles and amphibians. By taking students out of the conventional classroom and bringing them into contact with the nature in their own back yard, Tree Frog Treks creates a lasting connection between students and the natural world, and seeks to engender a life-long passion for science and the outdoors.

Tree Frog Treks helps kids explore the outdoors and fosters critical thinking through classes, camps, hikes, and even birthday parties in parks around the Bay. We encourage students to be empowered self-directed learners, to think like scientists and to share their discoveries with others.   

Join us as we make science come alive!


Tree Frog Treks strives to create critical thinkers who will work to save, preserve and maintain our planet’s biodiversity by introducing them to live rescued reptiles and amphibians; offering fun, hands-on science, literacy and art programming; and exploring nature.
— Our Mission

Measuring the circumference of a Coast Redwood!

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