Animal Ambassadors

Meet our Animal Ambassadors! Invaluable natural resources that help children appreciate the great diversity of life around us. Our hope is that with every exciting encounter, kids and adults alike will work even harder to save, preserve and maintain our home and all its inhabitants.  It's an experience no one ever forgets!

Check out some of our Animal Ambassadors in the gallery below.  Click on an image for more information about our friends!

Are Exotic Reptiles & Amphibians Good Pets?

Tree Frog Treks does not promote the keeping of exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in the home, as many of these animals are inappropriate house pets.  In addition to their complicated environmental and nutritional needs, many reptiles live for 25 years or more!  Some, like Abeni our African Sulcata Tortoise, can live for over 100 years and may grow to be over 100 pounds!  We employ a full-time Animal Care Director to see to our Ambassadors' many needs, and it's a demanding job.

Our rescued animals come to us from a variety of sources, such as: 

  • Individuals or families

  • California Department of Fish and Game

  • Animal rescue organizations

We have over 100 rescued or adopted Animal Ambassadors now, many of whom came to us from individuals who find that they no longer have the time or resources to care for them.  Our Ambassadors are lucky - unlucky pets often are released back into the wild where they are no longer able to fend for themselves.

Animal Care & Adoption Questions

If you have a question about our Animal Ambassadors or if you have an animal that you would like to give up for adoption, please email our Animal Care Director, Aron Sanchez at or call 415-876- FROG (3764).