Summer Camp Themes

Camp activities are organized around each week's theme, and we have five awesome themes to choose from for both our Full-Day and Half-Day camps. Below are descriptions of each them - check them out and register today!

Full-Day Camp Themes

(Rising 1st - 5th Graders)

Climate Pirates: Nature Makers
Climb aboard mateys.  Like the pirates of ‘yore we will set sail on a course for adventure searching for a WHALE of a solution to pollution (Watch less TV; Hike and bike instead; Animals and plants need our help; so, Leave no trace and Educate yourself).  Join us as we communicate, collaborate and create new ways to address climate change and live within our means.  We will trek far and wide surveying nature to help think-start us on a quest for green energy, cities and homes.  Learn about Carbon Farming: Using the powers of photosynthesis and a dash of compost to sequester carbon in grasslands. How would you design your green home: as a passive house, with green roofs, green walls, water catchment and compostable toilets?

Boogers, Bugs and Boas: The wonderful world of Biology
We’ve got slime in our eyes, slime in our toes, slime in our heads, and slime in our nose.  We’ve got slime everywhere.  Learn how slimes, clean, filter, cushion, lubricate and carry waste and oxygen through our bodies.  Learn about bugs, slugs and butterflies.  Why are there so many different kinds of beetles?  There are over 400,000 named species of Coleopterans.  How do Boas climb so well?  What is in our cells?  Are we related to a banana?  Find out as we investigate the study of life. 

Monster Mash Laboratory Smash: Explosive Experiments
Grab your goggles and put your lab coat on; gather your reagents and test tubes; get ready to put your hypotheses to work.  Learn how to measure in a graduated cylinder, decant off a supernatant from a beaker, swirl a solution in an Erlenmeyer flask and mix reactants using accepted laboratory protocols.  We will make chemical reactions that bubble, boil, freeze, and put off heat.  We will learn how to measure pH; is it an acid or a base?  Create new experiments.  Invent new products.  Can you reanimate: It’s Alive!

Wild, Wild, West: California Natural History
Are you ready to follow in the path of Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea? Explorers and Adventurers wanted to help discover new plants, new animals, new ways of living in the Wild West frontier.  From grizzly bears to towering redwood trees and wild rivers to snow capped mountains we will adventure far and wide describing all that we see.  We will learn how to press a plant, draw a map, build a fort, noose a lizard and catch a fish.  Look up look around is that a California Condor gliding through the clouds?

Space Frogs: Off to Mars: Physics
3-2-1 Blast off!  - Or perhaps in the space elevator “Space station floor please”.  Can we invent new fuels and power supplies to take us up to the stars?  Will we sleep for years in suspended animation as we wait to reach our cyber space destination? Do you want to take a family vacation to the moon?  Could you? Learn about the possibilities and limitations of a space colony on Mars.  Build and launch rockets.  Design your own space mission logo.  Put on your jet packs and get ready to fly.  Discover a Cosmic Perspective ala Neil deGrasse Tyson as you prepare for Space Travel.  Pass the orange tang and freeze dried ice cream and get ready to aim high.

Half-Day Camp Themes

(Pre-K & Rising Kindergarteners)

Wildlife Wonderer
From mammals to reptiles, birds to insects, plants to ocean creatures, this is a week all about our world full of extraordinary organisms! Each day, we will focus on a different type of wildlife, and learn how they all work together to create our web of life.

Creative Chemist
This is a week all about chemistry! In addition to our usual nature treks, each day we will also conduct a hands-on, kid-friendly chemistry experiment. Launch a mini-rocket using baking soda and vinegar, create ooey gooey slime, learn fire safety with endothermic and exothermic reactions, and much more!

Super Survivalist
It’s time to hone our basic wilderness survival skills! Learn what to pack in your backpack, practice using a map and a compass, and use natural resources to build our own shelters. To top it all off, we will end the week with a super fun Friday Treasure Hunt, using all that we’ve learned about navigation!

Engineer Extraordinaire
Let's tap into our imaginative engineering skills! This week, we will put on our thinking caps, roll up our sleeves, and get to work on some creative construction projects. We will create our own bridges and boats, and end the week with the Extraordinary Egg Drop Challenge!

San Francisco Scientist
There is so much science to explore right here in our own back yard. This week, we will get familiar with the different plants and animals that are native to California. We will explore redwood groves, look for red tailed hawks, and learn about the natural history of the Bay Area. We will end the week by tie-dyeing our camp t-shirts!


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