dogfish dave

Guess Who’s Back!

Recently back from a trip around the world, Dogfish Dave has explored and experienced ecosystems and cultures far and wide. Now it’s time to jump into the dirt wearing his trusty green hat and shirt, in the best city on earth. A San Francisco native, Dogfish Dave has worked with environmental education programs all over the bay, including the Marine Science Institute and the Aquarium of the Bay. Diving with the sharks in the bay tunnel exhibit at the aquarium, and transporting sharks into classrooms helped him identify with his namesake… the dogfish. They are San Francisco natives as well.

Dogfish Dave has been a camp director in Golden Gate Park for 6 of his 7 years with Tree Frog Treks. Say hi in your favorite language when you see him, and get ready for O.H.E.C.K. science, down and dirty nature exploration, and the “Childrens Outdoor Bill Of Rights!”